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Almond Clusters

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Handmade almond clusters made with fresh roasted almonds, chopped and mixed with Oliver's chocolate.  

*May contain peanuts and/or peanut products.

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Dark Chocolate Nut Clusters
5 Stars
by DCHopkins from Vestal, NY on Feb 4, 2010

Only can comment on DARK Chocolate, not sure why anyone would want to consume milk chocolate. I am very much into fine chocolates - just today (04Feb'10) I brought in 3 single-source chocolates to the luncheon group for a taste comparison, and I regularly consume may ounces a week. Oliver's is excellent. The chocolate is very smooth and fine grained, very sharp snap and well blended to give an intense lingering cocoa taste on the center of the tongue. No hint of harshness to the back of the throat. The BEST are the nuts. They are dry and crunchy, so Oliver's gets it right not to sog-out the nuts, and the nuts must be very fresh. I would like to have them try "DARK Chocolate" covered potato chips (that's a challenge). I travel Buffalo-Binghamton weekly and stop at Oliver's nearly as often. It is a special delightful detour for their chocolates AND ice cream. (Yes... I am not a small person, but my cholesterol is very high in HDL). I am on the web if you want to discuss cacao derivatives - Google DCHopkins in Vestal. BTW: my parents bestowed me great initials - "DC" for "Dark Chocolate."

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