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Trivia Questions

Questions and Answers:

Q: "Where does chocolate come from?"
A: Chocolate comes from cocoa beans which grow in pods on trees 20 degrees north and south of the equator.

Q: "Where are the best quality cacao beans grown?"
A: The best quality grade cocoa or cacao beans are grown in the Ivory Coast in Africa. These are the beans used for Oliver's Chocolate!"

Q: "Is white chocolate really chocolate?"
A: No, most white chocolate is made from fractionated palm kernel oil (a very high saturated fat) that is flavored and has a similar mouth feel as chocolate.

Q: "Do they add wax to chocolate?"
A: It is against the law to add wax to chocolate in the US. Many old recipes told you to add paraffin or wax to chocolate. This was usually done in homes, never commercially.

Q: "Why does chocolate sometimes taste waxy?"
A: Check the label, if it has fractionated palm kernel oil, it is artificial chocolate and has a higher melting temperature. Leaving a waxy taste on the roof of your mouth.

Q: "Is chocolate addictive?"
A: Chocolate is non addictive. There are only good things in chocolate, but there are chocoholics.

Q: "Is chocolate nutritional?"
A: Yes, Chocolate contains vitamins A1, B1, B, C, D and E as well as calcium, potassium, sodium and iron.

Q: "Does chocolate give you energy?"
A: Yes, chocolate breaks down quickly in the mouth and absorbed to give you quick lasting energy.

Q: "How much chocolate do Americans consume per year?"
A: Americans consume about 12lbs. of chocolate per person or 2.8 billion pounds a year. Well below european countries that consume almost twice as much per person.

Q: "How many calories in a chocolate bar?"
A: Who Cares. If you really need to know its around 140 calories for a solid chocolate bar (1 ounce).

Q: "Is chocolate an aphrodisiac?"
A: Of course it is, well not really. There is phenylethylamine in chocolate. A natural substance which stimulates the same reaction in the body as falling in love.

Q: "Is chocolate high in caffeine?"
A: Actually, A one ounce piece of milk chocolate contains about the same amount of caffeine as a cup of decaffeinated coffee.

Q: "Is chocolate high in cholesterol?"
A: A much different cholesterol because of the stearic acid it contains, this in essence makes it pass through the body and is not stored.

Q: "Does chocolate cause acne?"
A: No, studies which have been reviewed by the FDA conclude that chocolate does not cause or promote acne.

Q: "Does chocolate cause tooth decay?"
A: No, in fact there is a substance in chocolate that prevents the build up of tartar on your teeth.

Q: "Is chocolate high in sugar content?"
A: There is more sugar in a hot dog than in a chocolate bar.

Q: "I've heard chocolate prevents coughs - Really?"
A: Chocolate contains theobromine which is more effective than codeine for treating coughs.

Q: "Does chocolate prevent deep vein thrombosis?"
A: Sitting in tight quarters (like an airplane) for long periods of time can cause deep vein thrombosis. Eating dark chocolate during these times helps prevent this.

Q: "We heard dark chocolate is high in antioxidants?"
A: Dark Chocolate is very high in antioxidants which clear free radicals that cause heart disease, cancer and aging.

Q: "Have you heard that the military carries chocolate into battle with them?"
A: Yes, ever since napoleon who carried chocolate to five him quick energy. 35 chocolate chips have enough food energy for an adult to go one mile.

Q: "Does chocolate cause or add to hyperactivity?"
A: In all the studies it has shown chocolate is not linked to adding to or promoting hyperactivity.

Q: "What is Carob?"
A: Carob is said to be a natural substitute for chocolate. It comes from a Mediterranean evergreen tree and before coloring or flavoring tastes like dirt.

Q: "What is Sponge candy?"
A: Unique to Western New York sponge candy is a cooked syrup with baking soda added to fill it with air bubbles while it rises and cools. When chocolate covered it becomes a melt in your mouth delightful treat.

Q: "Do people work in the chocolate business for a long time?"
A: Oliver's has had three people who worked more than 50 years, four 30 years and twelve over 25 years, so far!

Q: "What is Oliver's largest holiday?"
A: Easter is number on followed by Christmas, Valentines Day, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, Fathers Day and Etc.

Q: "Does Oliver's have a top non-chocolate candy they sell?"
A: Cashew Glaze is our top non-chocolate candy. Last christmas we used over six tons of cashews for glaze.