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Ameri-Mints "The Original Pastel Mints"

1 pound box (also see half-dipped Ameri-Mints)

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Pastel Mints
5 Stars
by Greg Biddle from Carnegie, Pa USA on Nov 24, 2008

I can't believe no one has written a review on these Pastel Mints yet! Those of us from Pittsburgh remember these being sold by Bolan's candies on Grant Street. Bolan's is still around in a sort of "retired statesman" form, in that they make these mints in very limited quantity for a candy store in Pittsburgh of another name. I don't know if there is a conection between Bolans and Olivers, or whether or not the recipe for the mints are the same, but they certainly taste identical to me and are as wonderful as the memories of theese from Bolan's heyday, when I was a child, and my mom would always buy these for our family's trip to Lake Erie in the summer. They are obvioiusly based on a fondant recipe and, I would guess, use pure oil flavorings. They are a true treasure and I am very happy and thankful that Oliver's is keeping them alive for future generations (and me too in my old age!) Yes, they are delicate and will not tolerate the heat and humidity well. But then, they won't last long enough to be effected - the box will dissappear quickly - order two or more at the same time!

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