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Product Reviews

Sticky, all stuck together, defensive response from Oliver's
by Connie from Cape Coral, FLon Jan 14, 2017

I ordered 4 boxes of this on 11/22/16, as Christmas gifts. I have had these several times and they were SUPERIOR! NOT this time! They were sticky, all stuck together. I emailed and was told (defensively!) that they are only good for 2 weeks, so would not have been good utnil Christmas, and also that I was supposed to open the box so they could "air". None of these things were relayed to me, either at time of order or in the shipping box. I have received these for Christmas and enjoyed them at Valentine's Day, so know this was just a bad batch. Their response was curt and defensive when I was only trying to alert them to an issue. Not very professional or business-like. Very disappointed, as previous orders were irresistably delicious.

Rated: 1 Stars

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